What to Wear for an Interview? Let’s Explore Proper Attire

FindWRK Team

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September 19, 2022

Wondering what to wear for an interview nowadays? You’re not alone. With remote and hybrid jobs on the rise, many people are uncertain about how to dress for success. You may even ask yourself, does my wardrobe really matter anymore? The short answer is yes. 

Radical changes to professionalism have altered expectations when it comes to interview attire. However, your outfit choice remains important. Knowing what to wear for an interview can increase your odds of getting noticed and ultimately help you land that dream job. Try these tips to make a good first impression.

What to Wear for an Interview

Keep it Real (Within Reason)

Wear something that reflects both company culture and your unique sense of style. The right outfit can enhance your confidence during an interview. On the other hand, you don’t want to trade professionalism for total freedom of expression. The goal is to strike a balance between personal comfort and appropriate attire. The Forbes article The New Dress Code: What To Wear In The Job Interview claims that you should make a statement with your clothing which can help make your first impression last. Dressing for an interview can elevate your mindset, focus, and determination to be your best. As much as it serves your external appearance, it impacts your internal state too.

Make a Match 

What to wear for an interview largely depends on the job itself. Ask yourself the following: What specific industry am I applying for? Will I be working in a formal or casual environment? Am I expected to wear a certain type of uniform on the job? How you answer these questions will help to inform your choice of outfit. For example, a business-casual environment suggests more conservative clothing, whereas a hosting gig may necessitate formal attire. Try and match your wardrobe selection to the dress code as much as possible and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure.

Also, if you wear a uniform daily, you can express your personal style with a watch, bracelet, hair band, tie, etc. As long as you are not breaking any rules, express yourself in the small ways that you can!

Be True to Yourself

Consistency is key. You want to project the best version of your authentic self. This means that all personal representation should remain consistent across the board, including headshot photos (if applicable) and social media accounts. Employers want to meet the true person, so show-up as YOU. 

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