Looking for Tips to Improve Your Resume? Here’s Why You Should Ditch It

FindWRK Team

Categories: Future Of Work

July 26, 2022

The modern job market is constantly evolving. So doesn’t it make sense that how we apply to jobs is changing, too? Writing all of your skills and achievements on a one page document is a thing of the past. It’s time to bring your resume and job search into the future.

Let’s explore why traditional resumes are obsolete and how new technology and recruiting tools can help you get a job faster and without all the hassle.

Why Should You Ditch Instead of Improve Your Resume?

A Large Portion of the Job Market Does Not Have a Resume

Many people with valuable skills across various industries may not know how to write a resume or have not been taught to craft a resume for the Canadian market. The inability for potential employees to write a resume is a huge barrier for employers to find the right candidate. Also, many newcomers to Canada may be a great fit for a number of jobs but fail to get hired because they don’t know how to create a traditional resume. If you are a newcomer to Canada, check out our blog post on [insert blog post].

Enter FindWRK. We take the stress out of putting a traditional resume together. Simply upload your skills to the platform and employers will reach out to you based on your skillset. The job search process is already stressful enough! Let the jobs come directly to you with FindWRK.

Resumes are Static and One Dimensional

The concept of a resume involves recording all of your skills, experiences and achievements on a one page document - all in the hopes of attracting a recruiter’s attention. Why do you want to improve your resume? It is a very static form of communication. Traditional resumes do not allow for two-way communication between the recruiter and the candidate, which makes the process much less meaningful and informative. A static resume is extremely limited and does not provide an opportunity for feedback or interaction. 

In the evolving world of technology, there is now a way to bring your resume into the future. FindWRK is an online platform that connects workers with employers based on their skills. All you need to do is upload your work experience and skills and let the jobs come to you. Stop writing dozens of versions of your resume. Create a FindWRK profile [link to create a profile] and get discovered by people that are looking for workers just like you. 

Traditional Resumes are Bound to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

A huge trend over the last 10 years in the hiring/recruitment process involves the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). An ATS is a program that uses algorithms to search for keywords within a resume. Typically, the ATS searches for the same experience and phrases that are listed in the job description. Without the inclusion of these keywords in your resume, you may not even be considered for the position and may be out of the running before you have the opportunity to attend an interview. Looking for more information on how ATS works? Check out our blog on What is an Applicant Tracking System and How Do I Beat the Bots?

Essentially, with an ATS you need to update or improve your resume every time you apply for a job so the bots catch the keywords in your resume. You could be doing so many other things with your time, like going to interviews! If you are looking for key tips on how to nail that interview, read our 5 Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job.

At FindWRK, real humans are looking at your profile (not just robots scanning a static resume). Get the variety and flexibility in a job that you crave. FindWRK is extremely flexible as it has customizable criteria functionality. You can customize the job type you are looking for in order to get access to a pool of jobs that fit your skills. Another customizable feature is that the platform has geographic capabilities, allowing you to choose a convenient location. Simply set your working radius to receive job alerts for your area. Whether you are actively looking or just browsing, find comfort in knowing that your completed profile is visible to potential employers. You make the choice, rather than letting some robot or algorithm make decisions for you. 

Final Thoughts: The Best Way to Improve your Resume is to Ditch It

As an individual who constantly adapts to new ways of doing things in this ever-changing world, now is the time to elevate your job search. Rip up your traditional resume if you have one and create a profile on FindWRK instead.

Oh, and the best part? FindWRK is free for workers. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find YOUR next job on FindWRK.