How to Prepare for an Interview

FindWRK Team

Categories: Interview Tips

August 30, 2022

A great interview with a prospective employer makes all the difference when you’re trying to land your dream job. But how do you stand out in a crowd full of competitors? What makes your personal brand different or better than the next candidate? And how can you manage those pre-interview jitters? For starters, concentrate on the things within your control—like preparation.

The key to any successful job interview is preparation. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you’ll feel when the time comes. Ready to seal the deal? Achieve optimal results with these expert interview preparation tips.

Proven Tips for Interview Preparation 

Interview Preparation Tip #1: Create a List of Questions

Job interviews are based on a series of questions. You should be prepared to answer the most common interview questions, along with job-related inquiries. Research your prospective employer by exploring the job posting and company website. Plan your answers in advance by writing them down or practicing them aloud with a friend. But don’t stop there. A recent Forbes article, How To Prepare For A Job Interview, asserts that post-interview questions are of equal importance. Take some time to create your own interview preparation questions to find out more about the company. Employment is a two-way street.

Interview Preparation Tip #2: Provide Real-Life Examples 

Everyone has a story to share, concrete examples are always impactful. The importance of using real-examples in job interviews is noted in 6 Simple Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Job Interview. As part of interview preparation, think back to a situation where you solved a problem or managed a crisis. How did you display leadership qualities or learn to delegate responsibility? Of course, the kinds of questions you will answer depend upon your unique skill set and the specific role that you’re applying for. And remember, your examples don’t need to be work-related. Student placements and volunteer experience count as well. Any real-life example that demonstrates transferable skills is a viable option.

Interview Preparation Tip #3: Practice Non-verbal Communication

According to an article entitled Interview Skills That Will Get You Hired, non-verbal communication is considered a vital aspect of interview preparation. Eye contact, posture, and other body language are cited as key indicators of confidence. Before the big day arrives, record yourself answering questions and engaging in discussion. Or, practice your interview skills in-person and solicit feedback from a friend.

Interview Preparation Tip #4: Focus on Making a Connection 

Personal connection is highlighted in How to Prepare For a Virtual Job Interview. Regardless of whether you’re preparing to attend a job interview in-person or virtually, the need to forge a human connection is very real. There are many ways to bond with a potential employer. Perhaps the most natural path to connection is through genuine reciprocity. Give-and-take is the foundation of a successful relationship. Develop some icebreaker topics or comments as part of your interview preparation. Overall, just be yourself. And don’t be afraid to think on your feet. 

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