How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2022

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July 26, 2022

While the future of the resume is debatable, most hiring managers still use this formal document to screen candidates during the initial recruitment phase. Resumes are a tangible way for you to showcase professional skills and achievements. Listing your information in this way is mildly outdated as there are a number of new recruiting tools to help you move your resume into the modern job market. So really, what is the key to making your resume stand out? Check out the key takeaways at the end of this article to find out how you can tear up your resume and use new tools instead. If you however insist on creating a resume use our helpful tips on how to do so.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out: The DOs

A modern resume should always be tailored to the specific job. Industry standards do exist, and it pays to conduct your research in advance. With that said, here are some basic tenets that apply to successful resumes and how you can make your resume stand out. 

Get to the Point

  • DO position the most crucial information at the top of your resume

  • DO leverage key words and phrases from the job posting (or company website)

  • DO use action verbs to describe tasks and accomplishments, e.g., “Aligned a diverse team”

  • DO quantify personal statements with numbers, e.g., “Aligned a diverse team of 25 employees”

Less is More

  • DO condense information into a 1 page resume (2 pages maximum)

  • DO use a simple and easy-to-understand format, including standard fonts like Arial or Times New Roman

  • DO use bullet points instead of full sentences whenever possible

  • DO add a skills section and include other relevant information that applies directly to the job or work culture, i.e., transferable skills, specific examples, industry knowledge

Review and Review Again!

  • DO ensure consistency across the entire document, e.g., standard formatting, language, spelling, capitalization, abbreviations, etc.

  • DO double-check for spelling and grammar 

  • DO eliminate any extraneous information 

  • DO share your resume with a friend and/or read aloud to yourself for review

Looking for even more tips on what you should include in your resume? Here is an article that provides even more tips on what you need to include in your resume.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out: The DON’Ts

Now that we know what to include in a standout resume, let’s consider the opposite end of the spectrum. How do we avoid common resume mistakes? According to experts, the following DON’Ts can limit your chances of making the final cut.

Don’t Get Carried Away

  • DON’T choose a complicated format or text (and risk possible confusion)

  • DON’T use personal pronouns in bullet points

  • DON’T lie about your accomplishments to impress potential employers

Don't Shy Away from the Spotlight

  • DON’T hesitate to create a unique template (that is clear and accessible)

  • DON’T be afraid to use fresh language as opposed to common descriptors like “plan” or “facilitate”

  • DON’T underestimate your abilities or diminish your achievements 

  • DON’T miss an opportunity to shine, for example, “graduated with honours” is more compelling than “graduated”

Don’t Forget About the Details

  • DON’T send to the wrong email address or leave out important contact information (always double check)

  • DON’T wait too late in the day or too close to the deadline before submission

  • DON’T ignore any specific application requests like “send in PDF format” or include work samples”

  • DON’T misspell the company name or accidentally replace it with the name of a competitor

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The Takeaway

The answer to the question, “how do I make my resume stand out in 2022” really does not have to do with any of the points listed above. The modern job market is constantly evolving and there is a new way to present yourself to potential employers.

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