4 Ways To Use Your Customers As Your Recruiters

Matt Parkin, Business Development Lead at FindWRK

Categories: Talent Acquisition

September 27, 2022

Your team can only do so much. Help your customers help you fill your open roles.

For some, talent acquisition is only one aspect of their role. For others, it consumes their entire day. Regardless of how much time you spend, it’s likely you share the sentiment of wanting to fill your vacant roles faster. With time and budget constraints, it can be challenging to tap into enough talent pools to source candidates from. You may not have an entire department of recruiters, but you do have something even better - your customers. 

While customers can be great advocates for others to do business with you, they can be equally as helpful at driving candidates to your open positions. Here are four ways you can use your customers as your recruiters. 

4 Ways To Use Your Customers As Your Recruiters

1. Business Cards

I was at a restaurant recently where the manager came to every table, handed out a business card, and encouraged the guest to contact them if they needed anything. When I flipped over the business card, there was an advertisement for open positions at the restaurant. Not only did this come across as an excellent customer service piece that I’d never seen before, but it also acted as a great way to get the word out about open positions. If a customer is looking for work or knows someone who is, it makes it very easy for them to send a picture of the business card or hand the card to someone and encourage them to apply.  This can be easily applied across industries to other businesses. Think about your customer journey - where can you include a business card?

2. Products

I visited a McDonald’s in Chicago who added hiring information to the sides of their cups. This meant that the hundreds or thousands of people ordering drinks that day would see they were hiring. People often take pictures of their food or drink and post it on social media, so this can amplify your reach if your customers are promoting your business and your open roles simultaneously. This strategy can also apply to product packaging in warehouses or retail stores.   

3. Receipts

Companies often include prompts at the bottom of their store receipts to fill out surveys. Try replacing or supplementing that messaging with information about your open positions. Filling out a survey can be tedious, but sending a picture of the open roles to an unemployed friend is much less time-consuming.  

4. Bags

When a customer leaves a restaurant with takeout or a store with a purchase, they’re often given a bag or box from the business. Printing stickers and adding them to the bag or box is a great way to show the customer and those who interact with the customer that you’re hiring without needing to redesign the bag or box itself.

In a tight labour market, online job postings and signs in the window aren’t going to cut it. Companies who actively look for new talent pools to tap into will get ahead of their competitors and reduce the need to scale back operating hours due to staffing shortages. While leveraging your customers as your recruiters may not fully fill your open roles, it will hopefully prove to be a nice boost to supplement your other talent acquisition strategies.