Do I Need a Resume in 2022? How the Modern Job Market is Transforming the Resume

FindWRK Team

Categories: Future Of Work

July 26, 2022

The resume has long been a staple of recruitment; odds are that you got your current job with a basic resume. Seasoned employees may even remember when copies of the same resume could be handed out (in person!) at multiple job sites with ‘now hiring’ in the window. New members of the workforce have likely submitted digital resumes to hiring managers - tailored to a specific industry and uploaded for consideration. Although communication techniques and employment trends change with time, the resume itself has endured. But will it continue to thrive in the modern job market?

How Does a Resume Fit in the Modern Job Market?

In today’s marketplace, diversity is key, and technology is advancing faster than ever before. Events of the past few years have only reinforced this truth. Simply put, COVID-19 has essentially shifted the landscape of work. New rules demand new strategies and innovative solutions. A traditional resume may fall short in meeting the current demands of the modern job market due to the rapid advances in technology and changes in the fundamental requirements of job seekers. Learn more about why the future of work has changed after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emerging Trends and Alternatives to a Resume

Some experts believe that the resume has survived due to a lack of viable alternatives. In a recent CNBC Work article The Old-fashioned Resume May No Longer be the Tool for Hiring a Diverse Team, Jonathan Keane explores the relationship between emerging workplace trends and possible solutions. Here are some important takeaways.

Robots vs. Reading

One increasingly popular trend is the use of software, algorithms, and AI tools. Before a resume is even read by a human being, it has most likely passed through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS identifies the keywords and phrases that are required to move forward in the hiring process. This means that resumes must be tailored to a specific job and industry, and incorporate the language the software is looking for. But beware, these tools are built by humans, and therefore subject to human bias. If you want to learn more about ATS, check out our blog post on What is an Applicant Tracking System and How Do I Beat the Bots?

Diversity in the Workplace and How a Resume May Increase Bias

The pandemic exposed many inequities within our society, including the workplace. To attract diverse candidates and remove potential bias, a number of companies have adopted the practice of blind resumes, in which an applicant’s name is removed and only their qualifications remain. However, blind resumes offer limited effectiveness in the long run. While the initial recruitment stage is anonymous, the interview stage could still be fraught with bias. As noted in the article, The Old-fashioned Resume May No Longer be the Tool for Hiring a Diverse Team, companies may say they want diversity but not necessarily implement best practices. 

Skills vs. Experience 

Many current employers believe that skills outweigh experience. Resumes do a great job of summarizing work history but often fail to adequately represent knowledge and skills. They also expose gaps in employment. A stay-at-home mother, for instance, might be penalized for exiting the workforce. Fortunately, most employers now appreciate the value of transferable skills and place less emphasis on years of experience. More and more companies are branching out to develop their own recruitment methods and skill-based assessments, most of which have been made possible through technological advancement.

The Takeaway: Do I Really Need a Resume in 2022?

Resumes are still requested for most employment opportunities, but the world continues to shift at an accelerated pace. Just as job postings have migrated from the newspaper to online sites, resumes will continue to evolve in the modern job market. In today’s landscape, resumes are becoming ineffective over time.

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