A Worker’s Journey: Saphira Burns

FindWRK Team

Categories: Worker Testimonials

August 10, 2022

Saphira Burns is a FindWRK user with multiple jobs. Along with a full-time customer service role that she completes from home, she is also employed part-time at a hotel restaurant. Saphira has always gravitated towards the service industry based on her natural ability to socialize and engage with others. Before using FindWRK to secure her hotel restaurant job, Saphira searched for jobs exclusively on Indeed, her “go-to” site of ten years. Saphira recently discovered the FindWRK difference! 

In September of this year, she moved into a new apartment with higher expenses. This move prompted Saphira to renew her online job search. Although she has successfully landed customer service positions through other platforms, breaking into different sectors has proven to be a challenge. Saphira loved the idea of hotel work but never got hired, despite her applications. When she heard about FindWRK, she decided to give us a try. The result? One of her best job search experiences ever! 

Here’s what Saphira loved about the FindWRK platform:

  • Creating a unique online profile

  • Opportunity to post a headshot and apply for acting/performance jobs

  • Direct contact from interested employers

  • Overall success of the platform

Much like Saphira, you may find the typical job search to be frustrating and ineffective. It can sometimes feel as if you’re begging the employers for a job, rather than striking a mutually beneficial arrangement. At FindWRK, we understand the value of human connection. Our process is simple and stress-free. Here’s how it works: 

  • Create a personal profile and upload your skills

  • Set the working radius to your desired geographical location

  • Wait for employers to reach out with job opportunities 

  • Find the right fit and start working!

It all comes down to the right person for the right job. We connect hourly paid workers with employers across North America to help great people get discovered, hired, scheduled, and paid. All skill sets. All industries. Sign-up today and let us find the right opportunity for YOU!

*Worker name was changed for privacy