A Worker’s Journey: Saal Obasi

FindWRK Team

Categories: Testimonial

August 10, 2022

Welcome to the evolving job search journey of a new Canadian. Saal Oguntayois a Business Development Manager who moved to Canada from Nigeria in 2021 to complete his masters degree program. Saal currently resides in Moncton, New Brunswick with his wife and children. But wait…there’s much more to this story.

Although Saal has a job, he continues to look for other work opportunities. Like many immigrants, Saal held senior management positions in his home country, but has yet to secure a similar role in Canada. Saal has been taking entry-level positions in order to gain valuable experience and transferable skills for future employment. 

Traditionally, Saal has spent a great deal of time researching prospective companies to gain additional insight and scan employee reviews. He is hoping to find a suitable job that makes use of his fundamental expertise and offers a healthy workplace culture. FindWRK is up for the challenge! 

When you create a personalized FindWRK profile, you gain access to multiple employers who are looking for workers just like you. All you need to do is input some information like your skills and work experience. And get this, employers will actually initiate the first contact! Here’s how it works:

  • Create a personal profile and upload your skills

  • Set working radius to your desired geographical location

  • Employers will reach out with job opportunities 

  • Find the right fit and start working!

We can’t wait to discover the next chapter of Saal’s journey. Sign-up for FindWRK today and get started on your own worker journey!

*Worker name was changed for privacy