A Worker’s Journey: Manpreet Ghai

FindWRK Team

Categories: Testimonial

August 10, 2022

Say hello to Manpreet Ghai - a University student with bartending experience in both India and Canada. Along with her academics, Manpreet currently works as a bartender. The caveat? She has frequently been laid off from work over the past few years and forced to search for new jobs. Like other young immigrants, Manpreet can only work part-time hours due to her student Visa. The job search itself can be long and arduous, wasting valuable time that is better spent at work or study. 

Initially, Manpreet’s job search began with in-person applications. She has since moved on to social media and common platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed. When looking for a new job, Manpreet checks for a match between her own skill set and those requested in the job description in order to pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). She aims to find the right cultural fit and ensure alignment of personal values. Two-way communication with a real human being is also extremely important to Manpreet.

Since her job search has traditionally focused on generating opportunities from LinkedIn, Manpreet has grown increasingly frustrated by the volume of applications vs. the response rate from potential employers. The alternative? FindWRK! 

We think outside the box to humanize the application process and get results, FAST! Our unique approach to job recruitment is designed to connect the right person with the right job. No more resumes. No more robots. And no more trying to fit a certain mold. Just sign-up and let the jobs come to you. Here’s how it works:

  •  Create a personal profile and upload your skills

  •  Set working radius to your desired geographical location

  • Wait for employers to reach out with job opportunities 

  • Find the right fit and start working!

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*Worker name was changed for privacy