A Worker’s Journey: Arianna Fernandes

FindWRK Team

Categories: Testimonial

August 10, 2022

Are you looking for a job with healthy workplace culture and corporate social responsibility? So is Arianna Fournier! She believes that flexibility and positive mental health are crucial to job success. During a job hunt, Arianna places the greatest emphasis on shared mission and aligned values between herself and her potential employer. Wage and location are only secondary considerations in finding the right fit at the right company. 

As a single mom, Arianna prefers to find temporary, short term work that best suits her lifestyle. She works multiple jobs and takes them as they come. Arianna is thinking about going back to school in her field of study - development and programming. Ideally, she would love to work for a not-for-profit organization. If only the job search was less time-consuming and more encouraging. Sound familiar? Keep reading. 

For Arianna, tailoring her resume to every job is a very frustrating part of the application process. She finds it difficult to match her skills to specific job postings. Follow-up can also feel daunting and produce additional anxiety. Where do workers like Arianna turn for simple, streamlined employment options? 

FindWRK is the perfect alternative to traditional job recruitment. Our stress-free and resume-free platform is revolutionizing the job market. At FindWRK, we share Arianna’s vision for meaningful communication and employment. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a personal profile and upload your skills

  • Set working radius to your desired geographical location

  • Wait for employers to reach out with job opportunities 

  • Find the right fit and start working!

Join Arianna and other job seekers to experience authentic human connection, minus the headache. Create your FindWRK profile today and let the jobs come to you.

*Worker name was changed for privacy