5 Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job

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July 26, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the initial step in the recruitment process to secure an interview. Now it’s time to polish your interview skills and land the job! 

Whether you’ve applied for a warehouse role or to be front of house in a restaurant, the interview is an opportunity to create a human connection with your potential employer. Logically, there’s a big difference between words on paper and real, two-way conversations. Simply put, your resume provides a written overview of skills and accomplishments, whereas your interview allows you to demonstrate these qualities. So, how do you make a good first impression?

Here are some interview tips on how to connect with the right employer.

Interview Tip #1: Research the Company

Take time to research all aspects of your potential workplace, including the product or service being offered, company mission and vision statements, workplace culture, and responsibilities of someone in your future position. Pay close attention to language and values. For example, a long-term care facility may place a high value on personal qualities like ‘patience’ and ‘compassion.’ This language can be incorporated into specific answers and allow you to speak with greater authority during an interview. 

Also, be aware that potential employers will do their research on you as well. It’s imperative that you keep your social media accounts up to date and ensure appropriate content. The last thing you need is for past behaviors to dictate future employment (think a night on the town or old dating profile pictures). A simple Google search of your name will reveal your online presence. Strive to convey the most accurate version of your professional self.

Interview Tip #2: Research the Most Common Interview Questions

It’s helpful to plan for some of the questions that are most commonly asked at a job interview. Consider writing out your responses in advance or role-playing with a friend or family member to practice aloud. While there’s no need to memorize the exact words (and risk sounding like a robot), practice does build confidence in subject matter. What better subject for you to speak about than yourself? 

And remember, potential employers are eager to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask about the specific position or inquire about the company in general. Your questions will communicate sincere interest and likely spark further discussion around employment opportunities.

Check out some of the 50 most common interview questions according to Forbes to help you prepare for your upcoming interview. 

Interview Tip #3: Identify Your Best Qualities and Greatest Accomplishments

A job interview may just be the one occasion when it’s okay to brag! In fact, it’s encouraged. The ability to sell yourself to an employer is key. Many people find it a challenge to identify personal strengths or acknowledge past accomplishments. We often fail to see ourselves as others do. Consider asking a close friend or former employer to share their impressions, e.g., What makes you a good friend? A great employee? Make a list of positive feedback and don’t be afraid to shine on the day of your interview! If you’re in need of top tips on how to prepare your resume for an interview, read our article on How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2022.

Interview Tip #4: Show, Don’t Tell

Everyone appreciates concrete evidence of past success. Take some time to reflect on your work or volunteer history before attending the interview. Even without industry-related experience, you already have transferable skills that make you a great candidate. Think about how you’ve demonstrated these qualities in different roles. Preparation will help you to “show” rather than “tell.” During the actual interview, allow yourself to expand on questions and highlight personal strengths through real-life examples. A proven track record goes a long way toward building trust with the right employer.

Bonus interview tip: According to Deborah Acosta, from The Wall Street Journal, if there’s a time gap within your resume when you were unemployed, it is important to draw key learnings from that period of time. Perhaps your time off allowed you to grow personally or professionally and you were able to harness some key skills. Include examples and you’ll be sure to impress! Check out many more job preparation tips to get you ready for your next interview.

Interview Tip #5: Plan for Success

Plan for the little things that often get lost in translation. If you’re meeting a prospective employer in-person, choose your outfit and make travel arrangements ahead of time. You can always print off a hard copy of your resume or portfolio to bring along as well. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready to avoid feeling rushed. Once the minor details are taken care of, you’re ready to connect!

Key Takeaways: Interview Tips

Most people are nervous about job interviews. This is perfectly natural. However, a little preparation can help you to feel more at ease and ensure meaningful communication throughout the interview process. Keep in mind that you were chosen to interview based on goodness of fit and intent. Here are some job interview questions that will help you stand out. Most of all, be yourself and have fun!

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