4 Strategies to Improve Your Candidate Experience

FindWRK Team

Categories: Talent Acquisition

November 21, 2022

Many companies pride themselves on improving their customer or employee experience. With this top of mind, along with added emphasis on profitability and staffing shortages, the candidate experience is often overlooked. Here are four strategies to help improve your candidate experience to better position your company in today’s tight labour market.

Tighten Your Timelines

It can be tempting to put up a job posting long before you plan on reviewing applications to ensure you have a big enough pool to choose from. The problem is, candidates are likely actively looking to start a role within 1-2 weeks, especially for minimum wage jobs. If you wait 2-3 weeks to get back to them in this labour market, they will likely no longer be looking for a role. 

Try to time your posting window and block time in your calendar within 48 hours of posting a role to review applications and schedule interviews. This will help reduce interview no-shows and save you from chasing down candidates who are no longer looking for work.

Reduce Friction 

Many application processes ask candidates to reinput information on different screens or answer a high volume of seemingly irrelevant questions that can potentially turn candidates away from completing their applications.

Set aside time to reflect on your pre-screening questions and explore areas to improve the candidate experience.

Mind The Spam

Staying top of mind for candidates is one thing, but spamming them is another thing entirely. Some employers will send automated email marketing to candidates who don’t complete the job application. This is great as a single reminder, but sending four emails in three days is a bit excessive and will turn away potential candidates. 

Consider sending one reminder, and follow that with a note inviting their feedback on how the candidate process can be improved. This can help generate great ideas to improve your application process and may even make them more receptive to finishing the application and showing up for an interview or shift should they be selected. 

Decrease Time to Human Connection

Application processes can often be cumbersome and robotic for candidates. Having to jump through multiple automated steps before speaking with a real person can be discouraging for someone who may be struggling to pay their bills. 

Reflect on your process to see if there are opportunities to maintain efficiency while still incorporating an element of human connection. 

Moving Forward

If you’re looking for ways to improve your candidate experience, consider reaching out to candidates directly on the FindWRK platform. Job seekers love that they make a profile once and have employers reach out to them for a change - it means they feel wanted and valued. If this sounds like it may be helpful, book a call with us to learn more and see if it can help elevate your organization’s candidate experience.